Welcome to the site of Active Historical Map - spatium.bg

First of all, thank you for using our database to learn and inform! An active historical map with the site spatium.bg (for short called "MAP") is intended for use by a wide range of users, including you.

What is Active Historical Map?

    Active historical map is a spatio-temporal database that combines maps with textual and audio-visual information. In more detail - the database also contains graphic files, videos, audio files, photos, interactive features, software, scanned printed materials (authored by third parties) and other materials.

    The map allows you to search for historical and geographical information, to track its territorial and temporal dimentions.

Whose Active Historical Map is it?

    The legal entity that is the owner, which builds and maintains an Active Historical Map with the site spatium.bg, which collects, organizes and structures information on the site, and produces the maps, is the Foundation for Public Benefit Active Historical Map, UIC 177087450.

Permissions and restrictions on the use of the MAP

     І. The MAP has an educational purpose and was created for free use by schools and universities, libraries and community centers, research institutes, pupils and students, teachers and lecturers, researchers and individuals who use it for their personal, non-commercial use.

     ІІ. You can use the MAP as it is available on the site - spatium.bg, provided that you follow these rules and the provisions of the Copyright and Personal Data section. You can browse, read, watch videos, download scanned printed materials for educational purposes or for your personal, non-commercial use.

     III. In case you want to use the MAP and the information uploaded on the site for purposes other than those mentioned in the previous two points, please contact us to assess whether it is possible and under what conditions it can be done.

     IV. When using the MAP it is not allowed to:

1. use the MAP, except for the purposes, in the ways and in accordance with the principles set out in points I and II above;

2. manipulate the information, copy, reproduce, download, distribute, sell, transmit, broadcast, display, modify or otherwise use any part of the MAP or its software, except for the purposes and in the ways provided for in points I and II above, and unless you have received the prior written permission of the Active Historical Map Foundation and/or the right holder;

3. exclude, block, obstruct or restrict the use of the MAP and its website;

4. access the MAP through automated means, such as data retrieval programs, robots, botnets and others.

5. use the MAP to distribute unsolicited or unwanted advertising or commercial content or other unsolicited or mass appeals (spam);

6. you abuse the filing of complaints, reporting errors on the site, contesting or appealing, including by sending unfounded, malicious or frivolous information;

7. perform reverse engineering or attempt to retrieve the source code of the MAP software and its website.

     V. No registration or software installation is required to use the MAP.

     VI. Any right not expressly granted to you by these Rules remains the right of the Active Historical Map Foundation or the respective rights holders. The use of the MAP does not lead to the acquisition of intellectual property rights on the MAP for you.

     VII. The MAP contains electronic links to third-party websites and online services that are not owned or controlled by the Active Historical Map Foundation. The Active Historical Map Foundation does not control or assume responsibility for such websites, online services and their content.

     VIII. When using the MAP, you should keep in mind and comply with both these Terms of Use and the provisions of the Copyright section and Personal Data section. Please read them. If you do not accept any part of them, you cannot use the MAP.

     ІХ. There is no age limit for using the MAP. We strive for its content to be relevant and understandable for all ages.

Changes to the MAP

Active Historical Map Foundation is constantly changing and improving the MAP. We strive changes always to improve and balance the MAP informationally, as well as visually and functionally.

Applicable law

All issues concerning the rights and obligations of users, copyright, personal data protection, application of these rules, disputes between users and the MAP are resolved through negotiations and mutual concessions, and if impossible - by the competent Bulgarian court.